Ten Great Reasons to buy FireChill

Are you having difficulty justifying a FireChill purchase? Worried about the risk of going with something unknown from a new kid on the block? Are you sceptical and having doubts? To put your mind at rest and help you purchase with ease, here are the top ten reasons for buying FireChill:

1. Ten years of R&D

FireChill is the product of the collective brainwork of a dedicated team of scientists and engineers which has invested thousands of hours of thinking into the FireChill product. This has enabled the introduction of both the small and obvious and the complex and difficult. Take the simple, integral forklift slots for easier manoeuvrability or the front-facing arrangement of serviceable parts for easy access from a single panel or the world-leading, patented solution cooled absorber whose intricate design changes throughout its length to deliver maximum heat transfer and efficiency. And it does not stop there. FireChill is continuing to innovate to bring a stream of fresh cooling products to the market.

2. Tried and tested

FireChill may be new but it has a ten year-track record. As part of the R&D process, 44 beta chillers were progressively tested and upgraded in the field in several waves between 2002 and 2006. Since then, further enhancements, based on continuing technology advances in system controls, motors and pumps, have kept performance at the leading edge. The product also gained the prestigious US Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certificate, only awarded after passing a series of rigorous operational tests.

3. Best of British

FireChill manufactures in Yorkshire, home of the industrial revolution and renowned the world over for its British craftsmanship and tradition of engineering excellence. The company’s manufacturing facility, located just outside Sheffield, has an enviable reputation for quality; it supplies products to the nuclear, offshore, aerospace and defence industries where precision, fine tolerance and safety are a given. FireChill products benefit from the same rigorous attention to detail, quality processes and engineering skill to deliver defect-free output, manufactured to some of the highest standards in the world. Of course, nothing is taken for granted and all products are fully tested before they leave the factory, CE certified and backed by a 12-month warranty. And in the unlikely event there is a problem, you can communicate with FireChill in plain English, the business language of the world.

4. The Hot Box

Designed from the outset to operate at high efficiency on hot days, FireChill units keep on cooling long after the absorption chiller competition has substantially de-rated or given up. FireChill units have worked happily at 52°C (126°F) – ideal for when it’s boiling and all you want to be is cool!

5. Free Cooling

Cooling is like lunch, there’s no such thing as “free”. Except with FireChill. Hook a FireChill unit to the exhaust of a microturbine, engine or other suitable waste heat source, turn the gas to ‘off’ and cooling is free. If the heat source is not quite man enough for the job, then FireChill’s unique, dual mode facility means you can run both the gas and waste heat source together and still save significant energy costs.

6. Low cost of ownership

In those parts of the world where gas is cheaper than electricity by an appropriate margin, payback from an investment in FireChill cooling can be as little as two years. Add the benefit of; significantly fewer moving parts due to a sealed system; very high reliability and availability; light-touch routine maintenance; no expensive three-phase electricity supply upgrades and very quickly FireChill becomes one of the lowest total life-cycle costs in the market. A genuine fire and forget proposition for all cost-conscious Finance Directors.

7. Look no Legionella

Compact FireChill units have everything needed to deliver cooling within the box. No add-ons. The integral air-cooling capability avoids bolt-on, space-hungry water-cooling towers which require careful, expensive maintenance to prevent the spread of the harmful Legionella Pneumophila bacteria that can thrive in such water systems.

8. Easy in

With the footprint of an American refrigerator, the self-contained AC500 can be installed, commissioned and tested in a day, providing all services are available. That’s five tons of cooling just like that. The small number of moving parts and the lower tip speed of the small twin fans also means it’s easy on the ear (65 db at 3 meters) and it won’t shake, rattle and roll. Deep-coated, weather-resistant panels will allow it to live on the roof for decades without a worry.

9. We care who sells

It can take a lifetime to build a reputation and only a few moments to kill it. That’s why FireChill is going to the ends of the earth – literally – to find only the very best service providers. A tight accreditation process ensures that the company only partners with companies that care about customers, are passionate about technology and have the skill, will and financial muscle to provide high quality installation and long-term support packages. It’s a mighty task, so please be patient. With FireChill’s reputation still intact it would rather miss a sale than mis-sell.

10. Something for everyone

Ultimately it’s all about how you use a stream of 7°C chilled water; FireChill is committed to develop a squadron of relevant applications. FireChill, through its dynamic, interactive Apps Lab™, will progressively build and publicise a range of apps for an ever-broadening family of FireChill products. If your cooling needs are not catered for today get in touch, FireChill may have something for you or be willing to develop it; if not, keep coming back. FireChill is moving fast; tomorrow is unlike today.